Alain M. (BBOY The Barber)

Judge, Owner @ Just Faded Barbershop

At an early age my parents migrated from Cuba to Canada for a better living. I was born on October 31, 1984 Halloween baby. They moved from Canada to Miami when I was 1 years of age. My mother would always talk about my grandfather in Cuba and being a barber and owner of a barbershop. She would smile and say I reminded her of her father. Especially when I would look at the Tv and compliment Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx’s haircuts. I knew from that moment on that’s that I wanted to do for people when I grew up. By the age of 11 I was cutting my cousins and their friends as a hobby.  As I got older in my teens, I would get my haircut from Josue from Fade Master Barbershop. I would always tell him my dream is to become a barber when I grow up. He would always tell me go for it, that I will be a talented barber. Along with Fade Master’s there was 24 Street Barber shop that I would get a haircut from also.After being there and talking to the Owner at that time named Eddie and telling him my dreams of becoming a barber one day. The next time I saw him he gifted me my first set of Master Clippers at the age 15. He then looked at me and said Do not give up on your dreams being a barber pursue it. After having my first clippers I got my first job at the USA Flea Market Fade M Up Barbershop. After meeting the owner, he asked me to perform a blowout as a demo for a client that was waiting. The owner observed the haircut asked me to do a Fade afterwards. He asked me to start the next day and stayed working there for 3 years. After moving to Orlando for a year I worked in New York’s Finest before moving back to Miami. Upon my return to Miami I continued doing what I love and worked at Alfredongo’s Barbershop 7 years plus. In between my years I’ve been a barber I’ve competed in 4 different competitions. The one I won 1st place was for the Blurry Fades Competition. Placed 2 and 3rd place in other competitions as well. My  dream and vision of opening my own Barbershop happened in 2016. Naming it Just Faded Barbershop it now includes 11 barbers including myself, which I’m grateful for. Couldn’t have done this without the people that have inspired me in my life since a young age.