Danny Pozo (Mr. Blendesido)

Judge, Owner @ The Bottom Barbershop

My name is Danny Pozo and i was born in Miami, Fl on April 12, 1985 to Cuban immigrant parents. I got my inspiration of becoming a barber from my father, who has been a barber since 1966 Cuba, and still works with me side by side. My mother always pushed me to follow my dreams, and never give up, and so i did. At 14 years old , i set out on my journey of not only becoming a barber, but an entrepreneur. I started cutting hair in my garage of my home withthe guidance of mt father. At 17 years old, 2002, days before my Senior year at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High, i got my first and only job as a barber in a shop in Kendall. While all my friends were partying, i decided to get a head start on my future. I began saving for my own business.  My biggest lesson i live my life with is , SUCCESS IS BEING PREPARED FOR THE OPPORTUNITY WHEN IT PRESENTS ITSELF…..and so it did. Late July 2005, i left the shop because of differences between me and the owner. I spent a week thinking over my future.. Until a very important person called, a father figure to my father….  The first boss my he ever had in the U.S.and worked for, for 14 years. Neneito, a staple in the Little Havana community, owned a shop on 16th Avenue and Calle Ocho, and was ready to retire… And just like that in August of 2005 at just 20 years old i became an entrepreneur, along with a very important business partner, my father. Who taught me everything, in life and in business. We named it after Miami,  the bottom of the map, The Bottom Barbershop. In 2010, we opened up our second location in Kendall. The rest is history. Everyday i thank God that my hard work has rewarded me. I am blessed with a home and a beautiful family, that includes my wife and three adorable baby girls. Ive given this profession my all, in the shop, the streets, and in competitions. Winning a total of 16 trophies in one year, i am not one to  bragg. On the other hand, i want to inspire. I love helping people, and hopefully what i have written, will inspire the youth of today looking for a way out. It is possible, if you set yourself up, and recognize when the opportunity presents itself. Dont lose that window, for instances like that, dont come around twice in a lifetime. Life is about choices…cliche right, but Its the truth, and i hope you guys will make the right ones…

Danny Pozo, Mr. Blendesido
“The Prick That Can Cut”