Jonathan Reyes

Judge, Manager @ Prestige Cuts

Jonathan Reyes all started behind my mothers house. One day my brother asked me to give him a shape up but I never had held clippers before but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. So I began giving my brother a shape up it wasn’t the best but I can say it was pretty decent for my first attempt. I kept on doing so, that eventually my brothers friends asked him were he was getting his shape up. Of course he sent them my way and next thing you know I’m cutting friends behind my mothers house. I was charging five bucks at the time but to me it wasn’t really about the money I knew I had found a passion and I just wanted to get better at it. Life is like a roller coaster you got your ups and downs and I was at a point were I needed to help my mom out with the bills I had graduated high school and me charging 5 bucks for a haircut wasn’t helping much. So I stopped cutting hair and went and got a regular job. For 3 years I was lost in my mind trying to figured out what I wanted to be. But eventually my brother told me to continue cutting hair. When he told me that it was like a lightbulb inside my head had turn on. Little that I knew that my brother gave me hope to become one of the greatest barber. So I began to cut hair on my days off. Crazy how life works but I came across a friend who’s brother own a barbershop I asked him if he was hiring. He called him told him about me & I went over to show him my skills. He literally told me I sucked but he saw determination in me that he gave me a chance. I took the Chance and ran with it. I’m now a manager at Prestige Cuts Barbershop, travel to compete, won a couple lost a few, but I have learned to Never lose sight of your vision stay true to your dreams & never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. stay humble and most of all live to inspire. -icutart