Rufus Davis (Fuss the Magnificent)

Judge, Owner @ Fade Locker Barbershop

Growing up in Lakeland Florida and moving to Tampa as a youngster at 12 years old I was fascinated by my uncle cutting hair . One day I wanted to get a hair from my uncle he said he didn’t have time to cut my hair. At the time I was in junior high and it was on a Thursday and I wanted to have that fresh cut for Friday, so I grabbed his clippers and tried to cut my hair and put a patch in it! lol. So I stayed in front of the mirror off and on for about a couple hours finally I got it. When I went to school Friday the kids asked me who cut my hair I told I did it so I started cutting my friends hair they loved it. As I got older my parents had a patio in the back yard where I started cutting. I eventually enrolled in hair school, and at that time I was also driving trucks full time. Then one day while I was in class the instructor ask me to enter a school competition, I did enter it and won first place. That really pushed me to go full time once I finished I started entering Professional shows and winning. That’s when I said this is for me and here I am today the owner of Fade Locker Barbershop and my staff is awesome.